Ready to channel your inner hedonist? 

I thought you might be, well you've come to the right spot.

If you've ever had your mind wander to what it might be like to attend an upscale play party, you aren't the first, and definitely won't be the last.

They are a relaxed and playful environment so not to worry. I personally love to take in the sexual atmosphere these parties generate, truly a tantalizing visual stimulation like no other.

I have been hosting upscale, safe & intimate play parties with small numbers for about a year now. They are filled with positive energy and some of Toronto's most sought after companions, all in one room. What more could you dream of?


Want to know more?


Upcoming Events: 

"Spring Kick Off!"

May 23rd 7pm-9:30pm, Downtown Toronto 


Ladies Attending:

Naomi Nixion - The Hostess with the mostess, so obviously the one with the dirty mind-ha! Playful, funny and as passionate as they come!

Juno Grey - The The Insatiable Modelesque Blonde Bombshell you've been dreaming of, with a body that doesn't quit and skills of a porn star, you don't want to miss your chance to see her in action!

Top left: Alina Eve, Top Right: Naomi Nixion, Bottom Left: juno grey, bottom right: lani

Top left: Alina Eve, Top Right: Naomi Nixion, Bottom Left: juno grey, bottom right: lani

Lani - Always the vocals of the party! This Filipina dream girl will send you over the edge, without doubt. Her soft lips and love of nipple play makes her easily the life of the party!

Alina Eve - Tall Brunette Squirting beauty, need I say more? Her legs go on for days, and dance moves that send you into a trance! Ready to get a little wet, boys?


Male Spots Available: 2 of 4 spots are available.

To secure your spot in the springs hottest event RSVP ASAP To




Play Party F.A.Q

"I've done threesomes before with two girls, and that one time with my college roommate, but I'm a bit nervous about being naked around the other guys? Are other guys going to try sexually interact with me?"

First of, no. None of the guys are going to coming for you, especially with the all star line up of ladies! Guys make small talk and I'm sure brush shoulders here and there but nothing of a "sexual nature". I can assure you it won't be as awkward as your college threesome, we are professionals and know how to set the mood of the party to set you at ease. I always tell my clients who are worried about being naked around other guys is that we are really all human, and no one is going to be gawking or judging, its a positive and fun party environment! The girls however! Oh we play together, and very well at that!


"How long do these parties generally last? How many people are there generally?"

I like to not rush these things, and give ourselves 30 minutes to have some drinks, get to know each other and enough time for all the gents to hit the showers! The playtime itself is generally 2 hours. I like to keep my parties small for the sake of keeping them as intimate as possible! I almost always do even ratios, with some parties having an extra girl or 2. I keep my parties to be under 10 people total. 


"Why do these events cost so much?"

If you want to get down to it and play mathematician and calculate all the girls individual rates times time, it would be significantly more. I have the highest class companions Canada has to offer at our parties, an upscale hosting location and open bar! It is a bit more than a regular experience, but surely one of a lifetime. 


"Will anyone interrupt me while I'm interacting with a lady?"

100% Not! My parties are an extremely safe and respectful environment. No one is ever welcome to come and interrupt your connection with whoever you are with for themselves. Sometimes girls join in to tag team a guy but you will never have another client interrupt you in the heat of the moment. 

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