Naomi Nixion is a young fireball with a killer twitter account. She's gorgeous with amazing blue/grey eyes and a smokin bod. She prowls downtown Toronto but occasionally ventures north of the 401 and recently came out to Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. She has hot friends as she accompanied Angel Monroe out here. I had time booked with her in Calgary, but a family emergency hastened her return to Toronto. Knowing that I was going to be working in the Six last week, I arranged some dinner and playtime with her. In the meantime, I had plenty of time to look at her website pics and look forward to my visit with her. Naomi was easy to contact and we had our evening set in no time. Dinner at one of my fave TO restaurants and then a quick walk to her incall. Everything was set and after landing in Toronto early afternoon, I had one business call to make at Avenue and Bloor. I got that out of the way and walked over to Manulife Place to pick up a bottle of wine and a card. Now to the date! Uh-oh. Flinflonguy, someone who has lived and spent a lot of time in downtown Toronto played the drive over to the restaurant like a total amateur and wound up stuck in traffic on Bay Street. Eventually getting to the restaurant, I was greeted by a gorgeous young woman wearing a little black dress and a peek-a-boo opening just above her cleavage. Let me stop for a moment about Naomi's cleavage. She has those 'girl in university' breasts that are perfectly formed and would call out to you as you sat four seats away from her in class. You would try to pay attention to the lecture, but no. Breasts. And for once, they were going to be all mine later on! We had a wonderful dinner and it was really nice to spend time with her talking about her upbringing (east of Yonge) and my time in Toronto (west of Yonge). Her quirks, what she likes doing, and her recent trip out west. I remarked that she was the kind of girl who could trip with a birthday cake, drop it, but somehow everyone would love her all the more for it. We also had a laugh about her name, saying "the I is silent, right?". Yes. Its silent. I also told her the story of my avatar. Known by at least one other poster on here (from Cardiff :) ) Finally with our leisurely dinner over, we walked arm in arm over to her incall. We opened the wine and continued talking. Keeping in the frame of mind for the evening, we moved closer together slowly, still talking but now kissing softly. That's how it went. One step closer, then another when the time was right. The evening felt like it had no end and finally we wound up in bed naked and happy.  Her skills were amazing. She practices oral like few I've been with and I almost put her on the ceiling when I got to return the favour. Finding a condom, she took me on in cowgirl and it was soon too much for the both of us. We took a break and went back to cowgirl after more wine and talk. All in all it was an amazing evening. It was probably the longest date I've been on, but time didn't drag. Its amazing to feel chemistry with someone as lovely and passionate as Naomi. I may not be able to see her next time she's out here but I'm sure looking forward to a return biz trip in Toronto at the end of the summer. It will be fun to test the air conditioning.
-FlinFlonGuy (CAF)

I’ve been wanting to meet Naomi for a couple of years, indeed since I was a neophyte in this world, but as luck would have it, my few business trips to Toronto over the last couple of years didn’t coincide with her schedule. Thus when I saw that Naomi was planning on visiting the dry dusty west, I jumped at the chance. I should mention that I am a little late with this review (lots of business travel and work deadlines), so apologies to you all and to Naomi! Anyway, setup was easy. Naomi clearly defines the information she requires on her website. After a couple of emails we settled on a date and time and confirmed the day of our date via text. Naomi was staying at one of my favorite downtown hotels. I knocked on the door and was met by a stunning dark-haired, blue-eyed woman in a sexy black bodysuit (the same as the one on her website). Naomi met me at the door like I was an old friend, with a kiss and a hug. We popped the cork on the bottle of wine I had brought along and we proceeded to get to know each other. We chatted and laughed, and after a little while I excused myself to use the shower. When I came out things got much more intimate. Naomi is petite, very fit, and all natural, with curves in all the right places. She has amazing smooth skin. The details of our physical encounter don’t really matter, but this sexy woman provided a truly amazing GFE experience in all ways. I will say that the oral experience was one of the best I’ve ever had! I still grin when I think about it. Naomi is lovely, intelligent, articulate and humorous. She clearly loves what she does and provided a truly memorable experience. A definite repeat, either next time she is in Calgary, or next time I travel east!

-JakeC28 (CAF)


Yes Naomi was driving me crazy with her stunning photos on her website. Her eyes are soul arresting and her postures are totally model quality. Having met several UTR models who are also part-time companions, Naomi has the face, body, confidence and presence to be a famous model. And the way how her eyes would appear to be conveying her deepest desires, even in those photos, is a great sign that she would be game to have a wonderful time when one is able to meet with her. Yes, those eyes are capable of willing a man's desire, stirring everything up, and let tremendous pressure build, until Naomi is willing and able to help you relieve some or all of such pressures.

Naomi screens carefully and communicates via email. She is also very discreet and wants to avoid those watchful eyes. Certainly a lady beautiful as Naomi would for sure attract the attention of any hotel's able male hotel workers, even if she puts on just a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. 

Yes, lets to get back to her rear end, and it is even more "wow" when you meet the real Naomi in person. 

I told Naomi that there had been many times I would be so stirred-up, looking at her pictures, and just fantasize about the date that was coming up, and my only free hand would be unable to stop my urge to synchronize my movement with quickly scanning Noami's pictures and just trying to push a little bit, just a little bit. Thank goodness I was able to stop myself before falling off the cliff so to speak, and not test how fast 0 to top-speed would feel looking at just steamy pictures of Naomi.
My date with Naomi was on a Sunday morning and she arrived at my hotel on-time, looking radiant and covered in a long winter coat. As she walked into my one-bed room suite, and taking off her coat, my heart beat turned up another notch. It was one thing to look at all those pictures, and another entire different matter to have this sultry sexy nymph standing in front of me, with a flora color dress selected to tightly hug her exceptional curves. 
Without prompting, Naomi came close to me, extended her hand to grab my bulging hard-on, and looked me into my eyes with her sparkling star like gaze, and started giving me DFK.
Naomi smells so good, and her light moaning soon would lead us into the bed room, still wearing her high heels, and accentuating that fit and supple buttock, and her smooth and lengthy legs that compliment her butt so well were also joining int the action, as I reached up her skirt and start feeling the moist dampened thong that was the only piece of fabric separating her wet pussy from my eager fingers ready to thrust and penetrate her. Soon the long skirt and her thong were thrown onto the floor and we were like teenager lovers ready to abandon the society's shackles placed on us, and went for some serious making-out with zest.
Sucking Naomi's all natural tits, grabbing her boobs, fingering and playing with her clit were some of the most enjoyable moments of that morning. Yes I had fucked one of her companion friends recently, and I had fucked that blonde friend hard. She had me coming multiple times, but I was not able to tell her anything because Naomi was receiving me like a bee sucking on spring flowers and was finding satisfaction just knowing that I had the hard-on for her, without Naomi even having to lift one finger.
The rubbing of clit and thrusting of my fingers into her wet pussy continued. I could feel Naomi' pussy tightening slowly and gradually. The DFK was top notch & Naomi's looking into my eyes was just extremely difficult to handle, almost like a teenager having a wet dream and you know the explosion is imminent, yet you don't want to and you can not slow it down. The wet dream continues and Naomi's breathing and sounds picked up both in pace and intensity. She started grabbing my hand and giving some guidance to affirm my movements.
Soon, she is grabbing the bed sheet and pushed my hand and applied it firmly against her clit and her body trembled into an orgasm. I did not let go of those D cups and Naomi appreciated the efforts to bring her to climax.
I was rubbing my hard cock completely naked against her thigh, and Naomi asked me " can you put your fingers in and make me come again? I promise to give you the best ride of your life" and she gasped a little bit as I laid my hands back on her leg.
When a lady asks, she shall receive. I caressed her smooth inner thigh, and started to work on her magnificent body again, lips, boobs, tits, tummy, clit, butt, pussy, legs, everywhere, with caress, touch, sucking, penetration and thrusting. This time, Naomi pulled the bedsheet as if she wanted to rip it into sheds and she arched her back andbre came hard, trapping my fingers tightly in her pussy.
We kissed and embraced and Naomi sounded a sight of relief, and her smile conveyed likely the sentiment felt by a beauty who might have just climax more than once, very much so following her own pace.
After taking just a quick break, Naomi was already riding me CG, so expertly controlling the rhythm and the grinding and rocking movement that Naomi's pussy was holding my cock so tight that the coupling was naturally forming beyond belief.
After good 15 minutes of rocking, Naomi seemed to want to take a break, and suggested that I be on top of her and pound her in MISH. Those eyes never let go of my eyes. We switched our position while maintaining firm coupling on the king size bed.
Once we were in MISH, Naomi's pussy felt just a like a water dam breaking with water rushing through the dam, and the thrusting was aided by such a smoothly lubricated pussy, without any external aids. We synced up our pace/tempo, and the pounding got hard and Naomi's legs held me tighter. Soon, I exploded into the sound of Naomi's orgasm,and our bodies collapsed into each other's, into a post climax cuddling position. Naomi told me to keep my covered cock in her pussy just a little bit longer, so she could sense the pulsing movement of my cock, post ejaculation.
During our break, we talked extensively about potential future meetings, NFL football and of course future duo partners. Naomi indicated in no uncertain terms her preference for Madison Winter of Toronto. I told her that yes I had previously experienced Madison magic and could see that a Duo would be exciting for both ladies. 
The duo talked excited Naomi even more, and she soon started sucking on my bare cock, making it so hard, that putting on the cover and asking me to pound her doggie was a no brainer. Pulling her hair gently & slapping her ass were great supplementary activities to perform, watching my hard-on thrusting in varying speed into Madison already tight and wet pussy, from behind.
Naomi even started backing into my cock and started her loud screaming, totally contained within the space of the beautiful bed room with a kind size bed.
I kept pounding and Naomi kept turning around with her eyes again seemingly to convey naughty messages no different than "pound harder, give me your load"; "fuck me harder, don't fucking stop until you blow your load!". In deed we helped each other reach orgasm and it was a rather satisfying meeting with Naomi. 
It was so good to have met Naomi and I also presented her a nice gift card to a local 5 start hotel's spa for some loving treatments, in addition to an NFL team hat.
As we said goodbye, we also affirmed our plan to get a duo with Madison Winter and Naomi Nixion on the calendar and of course the timing would have to be after Madison's April vacation in Asia.
Imagining such duo is so difficult for me that it was great to see Naomi visiting the spa and now I am just recalling those sparking blue eyes and whatever else I could recall from this wonderful meeting.
And just like that, Naomi has earned my endorsement. Go see her and she is 100% worth it, both your time and fiscal and physical energies, including flying into Toronto!
My cock was still hard and when Naomi was standing close to me, this time to say goodbye, we enjoyed a long DFK goodbye and she was grabbing my hard cock during the entire time of embrace, and that was a memorable morning and goodbye that won't be forgotten.

- YBenL (TER)

I have admired Naomi from afar for quite some time. I had initially reached out to her via twitter in regards to her orgies. Continued with plenty of compliments and hopeful inquires, but our schedules never seemed to align. I have to say, whatever Naomi is doing, she just keeps looking better and better if that is even possible. The contrast of her sexy black hair and mesmerizing blue eyes does something special for me and I'm sure a lot of other admirers would agree. I had to meet her. Luckily our schedules aligned recently. We even had a chance to bring in another playmate, but that unfortunately fell through. More Naomi for me! 

So a few things on setup. Naomi made bookings quite simple. Email, references, date, time and boom! She has an enthusiasm that pushes right through her texts/emails. It is wonderful because you feel like she is as excited to meet you, as you are to meet her. On the day of she sent location information promptly and I was off. I really, really like her location too. Upscale and discreet and who doesn't love free parking (I've had enough yellow tickets Toronto!). Within a moment I was at her door.

When that door opens, just wow! She is a sight! The dress she was wearing was painted on, so sexy and damn those curves look dangerous. Pictures are there for all to see, so none of this is new information, but there is a radiance in her skin (might have been that Caribbean sun) that was brighter in person and those eyes.... I'm sure I got caught staring. Soon we were too closely embraced for me to stare and at that moment I was blessed to experience her lips. I tend to write a fair amount, but don't read a fair amount of reviews. Her lips must be mentioned again and again. She is a great kisser with full soft lips that I could have kissed all day. After the initial wave of excitement, I excused myself to ensure perfect hygiene .  

Coming back she was looking elegant and ready to ravage in gorgeous lingerie. There was a moment of "should I even take it off" because she looked so good, but I couldn't help myself and was hungry to reveal and devour what was underneath. I usually don't get into details but I will say she was very receptive to my tongues interest in her body. She reversed the roll and gave me an amazing devouring of her own. As her spit dripped slowly down my body I couldn't help but find my way to her lips again. A little messier this time, a little wilder this time, passion over took and it wasn't long before we we wanted a deeper appreciation of each other. Naomi is a wonderful playmate and I think we mutually enjoyed our time together. Energetic, passionate, fulfilling.... It was so damn good.

For those who have admired from afar, I wouldn't stay away much longer. Naomi has legend status in your fair city and it is so well deserved. 

Thank you Naomi for a truly satisfying affair.

-TexasJones (TERB)

Again catching up on a back log of reviews. You all have helped so much in making prudent choices over the years so I feel I should pay the board back for steering me in the right direction.

Much has been said of Naomi and all of it is deserved. She is a gregarious and friendly girl. Her energy and infections smile immediately made me feel at ease. I met her at a downtown hotel and, once showered, met her on the bed. We joked around and chatted about this and that while I was taking in her beauty.

She is a stunner boys. Jet black hair, piercing blue eyes and a cute but devilish smile. She is really something to behold. Young tight body with natural curves in all the right places.

When things got started it was all I could do but to grab on to her beautiful tits as we kissed deeply. She worked me up with her mouth while staring me in the eyes which pushes me right to the edge.

Something, something positions, something, something. It doesn’t really the particulars of how and what positions we fucked in since she so thoroughly a recklessly fucked me. She likes to fuck and it shows. I enjoyed being on the receiving end of her generous sexual gifts.

Once we had finished we laid around in the hotel bed and chatted some more. Really that’s what sticks out more than anything. She is so fun and kind and generous with her spirit that the fucking, while excellent, is a side show for getting to know a really unique and wonderful girl.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Ms Nixion I would 100% recommend you change you calendar to do so.
— Zipperripper (CAERF)


July 23rd, 2016

I had first noticed Naomi on Twitter. Her big beautiful blue eyes knocked me off my feet the first time she posted a face pic. And then of course the rest of her amazingly sexy body. She is very open on Twitter you can see exactly what she looks like as well as get a pretty good idea of her personality. I flirted with her on Twitter for some time before finally taking the plunge and booking with her via e-mail. Although she provides her number as well. I made it over to her condo which is located very near to the Financial District in Downtown Toronto. I texted her and she provided me with her buzz code and suite number. I quickly made my way into the building and up to see her. She opened the door wearing this very clingy and sexy lingerie that showed off her incredible physique. Her incredible eyes, bright smile, her new shorter hair and she quickly gave me a few welcome kisses. I was excited in very short order. We chatted for a bit - she is quite bubbly and animated. I made my way to the bathroom to take a quick shower before jumping back out.

She hadn't disrobed at this point and was sitting by the couch waiting for me. We made out some more while I couldn't stop my hands from feeling every inch of her sexy body. Her cleavage was begging to be admired. And her bum felt so incredible in my hands. Really, every part of her exudes sexuality. I was kissing her all over as we continued to fit in some words where possible.

She finally let me to the bedroom. She pushed me onto the bed and got on top of me as we continued to explore each other's mouths. She is a fantastic kisser and I was getting more and more aroused as time passed. She unhooked her bra to reveal a perfect set of breasts. They look magnificent and they feel unbelievable in my mouth and in my hands. We continued making out for some time. She offered to go down on me first but I had been squeezing her bum and I really wanted to go down on her.

She lay back and I took my time kissing her thighs and legs all over before making my way down to in between her gorgeous legs. She was incredibly receptive and her moaning really turned me on. She tasted wonderful and she got really wet and it just encouraged me to continue. I took quite a long time down there but enjoyed it immensely.

When I finally came up for air, she said it was my turn to relax and lie back. She has an amazingly talented mouth and tongue and gave me an incredible BBBJ. She started off slow and would tease me and lick me. All the while - staring at me with those huge sexy eyes. Driving me wild both visually and physically. As time passed, she became more vigorous - both stroking me and sucking me harder. A number of times I felt like I was going to go pass the point of no return.

She reached over to grab a condom and put in on me. She then got on top of me and she felt utterly amazing. Staring up that beautiful face and gorgeous breasts - what a sight. She knew how to take her time and would change up her speeds while she was on top. Knowing when I was close and then slowing down again. She had promised in the beginning to take me to the edge and she was living up to that promise. I finally hit the point where I was going to burst. She sensed this and increased her intensity and pace. When I finally came - it felt like I was firing off round after round.

We chatted and bit and I made my way to the shower to wash up. We kissed and I made my way out.

— Leopard (CAERF)

“Naomi Nixion.”

July 21st, 2016

Based on her pictures and reviews I've been wanting to meet Naomi for some time and was finally able to arrange a meeting with her through email. No problems with booking and I received good directions to gain entry to her building located near the Toronto financial district. 
When she opened the door I was pleased to meet a young woman just as beautiful as her pictures, she is very pretty . A little chat followed by a quick shower and we headed to the bedroom where we got to know each other on a more intimate basis. Earlier reviews by others are clear that she provides the full GFE and that is just what I got, including looking into her beautiful eyes as she gave me some oral pleasure. Before it went too far we switched and I enjoyed returning the favour. Too soon it was time to finish and we moved through a couple of positions before finishing in mish.

Recommend ? Yes
Repeat? Yes

Being a keen Follower of Naomi’s twitter account (which is one of the best around) I knew that I had to meet this goddess in person. Contact via email was quick and easy and we set up a date. Met her at downtown location.When she opened the door the first thing that hits you are the lovely eyes! She looked so hot. She could tell I was a bit nervous so we cuddled and chatted. She is so down to earth and has a really bubbly and energetic demeanor which put me at ease.

I excused myself and showered. Upon my return we lay down with her on top. Lots of DFK was followed with her removing my towel and starting BBBJ which was really slow and sensual.After a good 10 mins of this we switched to 69 so I could taste her sweet kitty. She then asked me to fuck her so on with the dome and she was in cowgirl. the sight of this girl straddling me was a sight to behold and soon enough she had Orgasm. I then asked to switch to doggy as she has a perfect ass. This was quite a view as I gave her a good pounding and she can really take it! We then switched to mish with more DFK and I eventually had pop number one.

So we had a little break and chatted some more. She is really easy to talk to. Round 2 consisted of me DATY, she then returned the favor with more BBBJ which resulted in pop no 2. We then just lay down to recover for a bit as it was pretty intense.

I would definitely recommend Naomi to everyone. she is a superstar. Thanks Naomi
— Carlos_Silva (TERB)

She has got the sky blue eyes and black hair combo. I also call this the the Katy Perry combo) and to top it all off a nice natural smile.
— GS_Trader

Naomi is a fantastic lady. She is funny, sexy, bright, bubbly and very memorable. You can't help but feed off of her boundless energy and good nature. I will definitely see her again and try to increase my stamina although it is a real challenge around her.

— Bezick (TER)

+1 for Naomi.

Enjoyed a great session with her a few weeks back and am still fondly recollecting the memories!
— WillamMartin (TERB)

Naomi is a super great gal. Friendly, bubbly, excellent conversationalist
And IMHO smoking hot. I’ve seen her a few times and
Every time it feels like we are picking up from our last encounter.
She is a very attractive girl, excellent customer service and an easy to
Find downtown incall.
I was greeted at the door by Naomi in lingerie and stockings as per my request.
Her eyes are stunning and she genuinely makes you feel
Great. I love her BBBJ up there with my best for sure. Tons of slurping,
Spit and hand action. I could just have this as part of the service and be totally happy.
I had her turn so I could play with her cat while she continued to DT me.
I couldn’t take it any longer and asked her to roll over where we started in mosh.

Extremely vocal lots of moaning and super wet. She was bucking back at me.
Asked her to go on top and she rode me like a champ.
Finished here but it was one hell of a finish she really had a build up going on me.

I would totally see her again great service, sexy and great exp.
Top notch!
— Duffmon (TER)

Naomi, at least IME, is a gfe, but at a high level. She is very focused on you and what you like/want. There’s a level of intuitiveness that you don’t see every day and it’s part of what makes her...her.
— DB123

“Reconnecting with Naomi”

May, 2016

I met Naomi the first time through happenstance when she was a substitute for a floating orgy I attended. On that occasion we found ourselves alone in one of the boat's cabins and lost ourselves in affectionate cuddling and getting to know each other. We maintained contact through messaging and emails and saw each other at some industry functions. But I hadn't managed another date until recently. 

Let me begin by saying that Naomi has the most mesmerizing blue eyes I've ever beheld. They are crystal clear and gaze directly when you are with her. They contrast with her alabaster smooth skin and dark hair to create a truly beautiful combination. Her build is very womanly with just the right amount of curves. At 5'6" she stands tall in her high heels and her slim legs seem to run right up to her neck. Since she displays full facial images on Twitter and website you really do see what you will get.

For our reunion I contacted her and offered to bring lunch and assorted goodies. I arrived at her sunny apartment and we caught up on news and drank some white wine. Naomi is naturally funny with a sarcastic wit that is not cutting but totally entertaining. She kept the conversation flowing but also tantalized me with views of her 34D chest as she would bend over for some more hummus. Her short skirt kept sliding further up her toned thighs and I was sure I was going to have a Sharon Stone moment. Eventually I couldn't restrain myself and with a final gulp of wine reached out and grasped her . . .
The Juicy Details
I buried my tongue between her thighs and let it play on her labia and clitoris. Naomi is very orgasmic and makes a wonderful production of it. She writhed, pulled my head close, and swore some choice words that convinced me that she was enjoying herself. I stayed and kept at my appointed task until she weakly pushed me away. She reached down to my tented pants, unzipped me, and lowered her mouth to my rigid cock. 

Naomi's blowjob is very sensual. She varies speed and pressure and those devilish eyes looked at me as it was my turn to squirm. She kept bringing me to the edge and then would let off so I could catch my breath. Somehow we managed to remove the rest of our clothes so we could rub against each other and prepare for entry. 

Per my usual policy I had brought female condoms and after inserting one Naomi climbed on board in cowgirl. I gloried in this position thumbing her clit and reaching up to kiss her erect nipples and play with her lovely breasts. Her tits are very sensitive and together with my thumb work and steady thrusting she soon reached another orgasm. 

We continued in a playful mood until I rolled her into missionary (without pulling out! LOL) and we increased the volume. As a final effort I entered Naomi in foggy and as I slapped against her luscious ass I spurted my own climax. 

Naomi is definitely a regular for me as much for her fun attitude as for incredible sexiness. She is not to be missed.

— Powerten (TER)

"Naomi Nixion"

September 2016

It quickly escalated with some fondling and tongue actions while standing. We dragged me to the bed where I quickly removed the last piece of cloth she had and took a better look at her.

She was very gorgeous with her breast and erected niples. While playing with them we continued kissing. I decided it was time to know her lowe body was. Just with some light caress, i could tell she was getting wet.
As she layed back and I took my time kissing her thighs and legs all over before making my way down to in between her gorgeous legs. She tasted wonderfull and sweet. I think I've given her quite the orgasms while liking her :-).

She stopped after a while ans said it was time to reward me as well. With that amazing mouth she started off slow and would tease me and lick me. I was given some fine and incredible BBBJ while being stared at with her amazing eyes. As I wanted her on top of me she put on the condom and got on top of me. The view and her boobs jingling was amazing ;-). We switched to mish for some actions of my part :-). Naomi seemed to love it when the pace accelerated. She might have sensed that I was getting close and she asked if I wanted to do doggy. And who am I to say no to that!? I like the feeling of holding her buttocks in my hands. Theywere so soft yet so firm. As I was about to explode I quickened the pace and Naomi seemed to sqeez me more. After I came I stayed on her for a minute or two before moving.

We chatted a bit and I made my way to the shower to wash up. We kissed and I made my way out.

I really liked Naomi fun attitude as for incredible sexiness. Futhermore she is bright and very memorable. I will definitely see her again.

— BigFalcon  (TER)



Naomi Nixion.”

July 5th, 2016

Hey All,

A newbie to Toronto. Been an active player in UK and was getting used to the scenes in Toronto. TERB really helped a lot. My first choice after reading some great reviews was Naomi Nixion.

Communication was very neat and prompt. Met her at a discreet and very popular down town hotel in Toronto. On seeing her I felt her pictures are pretty accurate. She has lovely eyes and those eyes would have taken me in right away. Finished up with my shower and had a small chit chat with her. She is a good cocktail of beauty and intelligence combined and it was very evident from the subjects she put up for the talk.

Started off with a LFK (I am not a huge fan of DFK and she was aware) and as it progressed towards her neck and ear, both of us had got naked. I nibbled her ears and she couldnt control her laughter. Apparently she was really ticklish but did not stop me fro nibbling further.

She has very responsive breasts and they were aroused through out the session. They were a handful and from my experience am certain they are naturals. She went on her knees to give a BBBJ. It was really good and I couldn't really hold it long and fired my gun.

We then went on to do a missionary where she continued the LFK. One of her LFK was too strong to hold and my gun fired the second time. We chatted some more about her favorite novels and ofcourse the GOT episodes (we both are huge fans).

Since it was after work, I felt too drained to go for another round. But she was in no mood to stop and did try her best to bring up the heat again. Eventually I made up with a lot of cuddling and sucking those bountiful breasts.

To conclude, if I will go visit her again? Thats definitely a YES. But not immediately though. Thats only because I would definitely like to explore more in Toronto and especially the recommendations that Naomi herself made! But I will definitely be doing it soon, since she apparently has plans to move to UK and god spede if she loves it there, Toronto would miss a charming babe!

— Sinsane (TERB)

I have been creeping here for a while. I am happy to finally be able to contribute as the advice around here has been great for finding good times.

I saw Naomi a few months back at a downtown hotel. Arrangements were simple through email and text. I arrived, envelope in hand and was greeted by the pretty girl in white lingerie.

She’s a knock out. Piercing light blue eyes, jet black hair. I think I blushed like a school boy as I entered the room.

She propped herself on the bed as we chit chatted a bit. I made my way to the shower and cleaned up and returned as quickly as I could. For the next 40 minutes we fucked well. She is a keen and active lover. She really went to town on the BJ to the point I was about to lose control. I reciprocated (I was so fucking fired up) and went to town on the DATY. She seemed to enjoy it. By the time the really fucking got started I wasn’t sure if we could push things harder. But Naomi found a way.

Total babe, total freak in the sheets.

The best part of our time together was joking around in bed, sweaty and naked in the post coital glow. She’s a real charmer and really fun to joke around with. She’ll leaving you smiling not only from the roll in the hay but also from her quick wit and generous attitude.
— Anonum (TERB)

“Naomi Nixion Incall.”

October 13th, 2015

Naomi has been in my radar for quite some time but it was really hard to make schedules match. But I finally had the chance to meet with this gorgeous girl.

Great gal. I first met her when she was Sydney at Eye Candy. She disappeared for a bit bur reappeared as an independent. I contacted her. We messaged back and forth and when the opportunity came... voila! We made things happen. And I’m so happy we did. Let’s say that we made up for all the time we haven't seen each other. LOL

When I saw her in the past I had a great time with her... and when I saw her… it was just as good… or even better! This girl is a great companion. She’s not only a very beautiful young girl but she’s also very fun and friendly. She has an amazing attitude and she truly aims to please. She has a very beautiful face. She has black hair, stunning blue eyes and a smile that will weaken the knees of even the dude with the coldest of hearts.

Naomi has an all-natural, fair skin color, slightly curvy, body. Trust me folks… her curves are in all the RIGHT places (OMG… what an ass!). She has 4 really small tattoos... but really unnoticeable; so I'd say that practically is like she had no body ink at all

Day and time of the appointment came. When she opened the door she was wearing a really nice little black dress and black heels. After a bit of initial chit chat we got more ‘comfy’ and then we found each other in a truly great GFE session. Dress went off and a beautiful lingerie set (garter belt included!) was discovered. Little by little, this set came off as well. I had to explore her body, all of it. Eventually found myself having DATY. This was mutually enjoyed. She was a bit vocal about it. After a big ‘O’ she decided to reciprocate. She possesses some good oral skills (something that she actually enjoys, btw so… this was mutually enjoyed too). After a bit we went for 69. During it, she took me for a quick trip to Russia. Awesome. She had her second ‘O’ and this time and then we went on for some MPOS... that were, truly, mutually enjoyed again. Starting with CG (with an amazing view and a ride at the same time) then rolling switching to MISH. Her face let me know that she was totally into it. And her moans complemented the music we had playing in the back… creating an amazing ambience… until we both reached the Grand Finale of our play. Afterwards, we cuddled and chat for a bit while we recovered our breath. 
I had a great time with Naomi. Whenever I have the chance to see this girl again, I’m going to do it.

— JStrummer (CAERF )

“2 Hours with Naomi”

June 23rd, 2016

I have known Naomi for close to a year now. We met for the first time last year at an orgy I organized. She was pretty amazing in a group setting and was eager to help get the festivities started. Since then, I have seen her a couple times at industry events and have had the occasional twitter chat. However, I have never seen her solo!

Over the last few months, she has been posting some amazing pictures on twitter and she is looking better than ever. Being a sucker for a pretty face I knew I had to book a solo appointment. My schedule took longer than I wanted to free up some time, but when it did, I made the appointment with Naomi which was easy to do. A quick confirmation on the day of, and I was on my way over. There was some confusion with elevators in her new condo building – not her fault at all. She came down the elevator to meet me which was awesome to see her in a sexy dress… and the anticipation up the elevator was kind of hard to take.

Eventually we arrived in her condo and there was some small talk and soon I was getting cleaned up and meeting her in the bedroom. I was wearing a lot less clothes than her at this point and we both assisted in evening things up and getting her out of her clothes. She is smoking hot on her twitter pictures, but in person, she is even better. She is a great kisser and she has amazing and responsive breasts. 

I took things a little lower and enjoyed a fantastic dining experience. She gets wet, tastes great and gives good feedback. After some very enjoyable work, she was enjoying O number one. I was having a great time being down there and didn’t want it to end, so I slowed things down for a few minutes so she could recover a little and then started to go a little faster and harder and number two was not too far away.

Once she recovered she told me I had more than earned my turn. She also told me how she really enjoys sucking dick. I have heard ladies say this before, but Naomi really means it. Not only does she like it, shes really good at it!... like really, really good… like definitely top 5 ever, and probably top 3 ever!

I am not sure how many times she brought me to the brink and knowingly slowed it down so I could enjoy it longer. Eventually I couldn’t take it any longer and I asked for the cover.

We started off in CG and she is pretty amazing at that too! I softly rubbed her clit as she continued to ride me. I think there is a pretty good chance she managed to get herself off – I love it when a lady is in the moment and wants to take care of herself too.
Mish was next – she definitely deserved a rest for a few minutes. It was really good… almost too good and I needed to take a break because I really wanted to try doggy. 

Soon enough I was ready to go and she positioned us to take full advantage of the mirrors . Wow.. what a sight! Things were going really well and it was feeling pretty damn good. After a while it must have been feeling good for her too because she announced she was cumming and not to stop. I went a little faster and harder and she started to cum and a few seconds later I felt it and couldn’t hold back any longer. It was a pretty intense orgasm for both of us and we needed to rest up.

Having known Naomi for a while and knowing some of the same people we had a pretty good chat after. Naomi is obviously extremely attractive and she provides an amazing experience, but on top of that she is a really great lady to talk to. Her personality is bubbly, she has a great sense of humour and she is a pretty smart lady to boot.

She gets the only two scores that matter – definitely will repeat and highly recommend!

Thanks Naomi!


— Mark (PussyLuver TERB) 

“2 Hours with Naomi Nixion”

June 5th, 2016

So having read most of the reviews and being a keen Follower of Naomi's twitter account (which is one of the best around) I knew that I had to meet this goddess in person.

Contact via email was quick and easy and we set up a date for the following Thursday. When Thursday arrived she text me early that morning to say that there was work going on in her condo and that the power was going to be turned off. She gladly offered to get a hotel to try and see me but I responded saying that we could meet another time no hassle so we rescheduled for this Thursday. I knew she would be worth the wait!

On the day I couldn't concentrate at work knowing what was about to happen afterwards. More messaging just to confirm details and the Hotel that she was using downtown. So I arrived and called her to get the room no. When she opened the door the first thing that hits you are the lovely eyes! Also she was also wearing a brand new AP outfit which she had bought earlier that day. Lucky me to be the first person to see it. She looked so hot. She could tell I was a bit nervous so we cuddled and chatted. She is so down to earth and has a really bubbly and energetic demeanour which put me at ease.

I excused myself and showered. Upon my return we lay down with her on top. Lots of DFK was followed with her removing my towel and starting BBBJ which was really slow and sensual with extra spit which was unreal. After a good 10 mins of this we switched to 69 so I could taste her sweet kitty. I must have been doing something right as within minutes she began buckling with an O all of which was amazing.

She then asked me to fuck her so on with the dome and she was in cowgirl. the sight of this girl straddling me was a sight to behold and soon enough she had Orgasm no. 2. I then asked to switch to doggy as she has a perfect ass. This was quite a view as I gave her a good pounding and she can really take it! We then switched to mish with more DFK and I eventually had pop number one.

So we had a little break and chatted some more. She is really easy to talk to. She is jetting off to Vancouver/Miami and then 5 weeks in Europe so I told her some good laces to visit in my homeland of Ireland.

Round 2 consisted of me DATY. She does not like digits but that was fine by me. I even managed to give her Orgasm no 3 which had her shuddering. I think I brought my A game that night. She then returned the favour with more BBBJ which resulted in pop no 2.

Round 3 consisted of all the above again. Especially lots of doggie which is her favourite. We were both in a sweaty mess and pretty tired so to finished she gave me really sloppy BBBJ and HJ with a super amount of spit which really turned me on. eventually I burst with another huge load all over the place.

We then just lay down to recover for a bit as it was pretty intense. I got up and showered and my legs felt like jelly. afterwards I told her that I wanted to try a duo with her and Harper who looks so hot. She said that would be great but unfortunately I will have to wait until mid August when she returns from her trip for this dream to become reality

I would definitely recommend Naomi to everyone. she is a superstar

—  Flint123 (TERB)

Naomi’s a lady I’ve been wanting to get to know for quite some time, and she definitely did NOT disappoint. A charming sweetheart and a gorgeous brunette (my vice) who loves to tease us on Twitter with her #boobies, and they’re even more spectacular in person! Definitely glad that she was able to take part in the festivities.

Opened the wine, poured some glasses, and had a couple of minutes of meet-and-greet. Naomi came off as a very classy, fun, and pleasant lady... exactly what I had hoped for.
— Wbirk (CAERF)