Who said three is a crowd? Not me.

Have you ever found yourself fantasizing about being with a beautiful woman, feeling her soft skin, then to have her lean over and share a passionate gaze and a mischievous grin with her friend?

If you're looking for the perfect Ménage à trois,

Here is a list of my friends I enjoy playing with and have wonderful chemistry with. Let us memorize you with the power of two.

“A three-way?” He said, “You’re kidding, right?”
“Ménage à trois,” She said. “Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.”


Angel Monroe

Bubblier than your favourite bottle of champagne, but with intelligence that will capture and seduce your mind. Get your water wings ready and let's dive in together. This one-of-a-kind blonde is a highly sought after Toronto companion. Gorgeous, busty, petite and is known to make a splash.

She definitely lived up to her stellar reputation service-wise and I thought she looked hotter in person than in her photos. In conversation, she’s intelligent and very sweet.
— Chingu72 (TERB)
Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 5.47.40 PM.png

Harley Stone

The jet-setting muse of your dreams. This sensual and intelligent beauty is always whisking me off to the best spots in Toronto. So let's explore the city with her, and explore even more after.  Let's hook-up with her before she flies off again.

Harley was such a beauty and her tight clothes highlighted the sexy curves on her body. She is indeed model-material. With such a seductive body, what captivated me was her beautiful smile. I could watch her talk and smile all day. I couldn’t believe that a lovely person such as Harley is here with me. She loves to make conversation, and she is super intelligent.
Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 5.54.31 PM.png

Vivienne Lawrence

With a kind heart and a soul wise beyond her tender age of 24, this woman is unique.  Vivienne has the perfect combination of striking red hair, porcelain skin, and piercing green eyes. Her personality shines light on her drive for her artistic passions, including in the bedroom. Let's take in her old school charm and playful nature together.


Vivienne is a hidden treasure and a must see. She is a very attractive redhead with a killer body that her pictures do not do her justice. She has one of the nicest pair of breasts I have encountered in this business.
I could have spent my whole time snuggling with them but I didn’t. I brought a bottle of wine as we had an interesting conversation on what turns us on.
— Luton (CAERF)


This mesmerizing Filipina beauty is both a sultry one and a wild one. Lani and I have played many times over the past year.  And still we can't seem to keep our hands or our lips off each other whenever we enter the same room. 

I explained to her that I like her to be in charge, she smiled and said, ok get ready. From that point on she was insatiable. Beautiful body, small petite spinner, exquisite skills and passionate. VERY responsive and willing.
— Multiman (TERB)

Lana Woodford

This well educated vixen who has traveled the world is new to the Indy scene but I'm sure you know her name already. Her ample bust is my favourite place to be and I'm sure there's room for the both of us. Let's laugh over a bottle of wine and explore her stunning curves together. 

Have someone else in mind that isn't on my list?

Please contact me, I am always open to new playmates!

*Rates for duos do vary, please check the playmate of your choices rates or contact me directly for our duo rates.