Your genuine, hilarious & passionate Canadian dream girl!

Just the girl you’ve been waiting for.

A little bit about the girl behind the Name..

I am the girl you see walking down the street and when I ours eyes meet & you suddenly get lost in my gaze. Or the girl you meet in the bar with the warm but mischievous grin that you enjoy witty banter with all evening, leaving the memory of me on your mind for days.

With a contagious passion for life, I pride myself in being a positive, friendly, and genuine young woman who desires to connect and engaging with like-minded people.

My unique life experience’s along with my traditional education background in social work has made me rich in both knowledge and intelligence, giving me a warm demeanour, and an old soul beyond my youthful age.

I have a great love for live music, the outdoors, and also have a knack and love for making people laugh. I have been involved in the arts my entire life and believe it’s shaped me into the humorous, bubbly, and down to earth woman I am today.


Lets getting lost in conversation for hours while curled up on the couch, talking about the places we gone and the things we’ve seen. I love to explore beyond the surface and really get to know you.

surprising you and blowing you away with my love of old music, or showing off my skills in the kitchen are just a few of the things you will love about me.





She is a gregarious and friendly girl. Her energy and infectious smile immediately made me feel at ease.
— ZipperRipper -2016

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Physically I’m 5’6 with a youthful body and natrual frame with soft curves. My raven black hair falls just above my shoulders and perfectly contrasts my porcelain skin that is smooth as silk.

Imagine running your hands along my curves while whispering sweet nothings in my ear, as my long legs wrap around you, pulling you closer and closer..

With a naturally pretty face, full pouty lips and large lustrous blue eyes, I will capture you, and entice you.  And once you meet my gaze & look deep into my eyes, you’ll know…

I take great enjoyment in up keeping my appearance and make sure that I am always polished & styled to perfection.


I consider myself to be a very passionate lover, and enjoy letting things flow naturally, and at their own pace. I truly believe that seduction begins with the mind, so let’s tease our minds and let our bodies follow

We can explore and play just the two of us, or add a sexy friend. I am bi-sexual and love the idea of spending an afternoon entangled in bed together, laughing and enjoying. For a list of the ladies I love to romp with, check out my “Playmates” pages.

I'd also love to be a part of you & your partner’s dreams, and am very open to engaging with couples looking for a something little more.

Feeling adventurous? I frequently host upscale play parties.

I do not discriminate against race, age, size, or ability.