Who said three is a crowd? Not me.

Have you ever found yourself fantasizing about being with a beautiful woman, feeling her soft skin, then to have her lean over and share a passionate gaze and a mischievous grin with her friend?

If you're looking for the perfect Ménage à trois,

Here is a list of my friends I enjoy playing with and have wonderful chemistry with. Let us memorize you with the power of two.

“A three-way?” He said, “You’re kidding, right?”
“Ménage à trois,” She said. “Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.”


Nathalie Rose

Nathalie is a woman with wits sharper than any knife in your kitchen. Whenever I spend time with Nathalie I am constantly laughing, her love for the arts, travel & politics keep the conversation flowing to tease your mind in just the right way.

the perfect combination of over-educated and incredible underboob.


Cara Clarke

The brazen Irish gal next door. An old soul with a vivacious personality. A woman of the demimonde, yet disarmingly charming. Her toned, statuesque body is to die for, and you wont have to ask her twice to take the lead. A playful provocateur with a hearty laugh and one of my favourite woman to laugh & play with.


Vivienne Lawrence

A stunning combination of vintage style and modern seduction, Vivienne is Toronto's classic redhead companion. Her creamy ivory skin and soft auburn locks beckon your touch, while her aquamarine eyes and mischievous smile spark your curiosity.  This authentically bisexual artistic beauty pairs exquisitely with a crisp Veuve and lively ménage-à-trois. 



This mesmerizing Filipina beauty is both a sultry one and a wild one. Lani and I have played many times over the past year.  And still we can't seem to keep our hands or our lips off each other whenever we enter the same room. 

Ella Black

Ella has a refined presence and someone who enjoys the finer things in life, but is also easy-going and adventurous, and enjoy simple pleasures such as watching a sunset or enjoying pizza and a movie. Me and Ella have been very good friends for years now & absolutely love to laugh & play together, its never a dull moment with the two of us! This classic beauty’s porcelain skin highlights the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen perfectly, and a statuesque body for both of us to explore.


Vanessa X

Vanessa is a gorgeous young woman who will keep us both captivated with her charm and beauty, not to mention she has legs for days! With a love for trying different cuisines and champagne, let the bubbles and good times flow!


Alexis Arnaud

She is a classic Australian beauty in her early 20's. Dark haired with fair skin and bright eyes. The type to turn heads but not raise eyebrows. A little demure, but intelligent, and with a dry sense of humour. She's the approachable university student flitting to and from class, hair up in a ponytail and Starbucks in hand. Or the young woman from your tennis club that you can't seem to stop thinking about.


Veronica Sway

Think you can handle two blue eyed beauties? This incredibly dynamic woman is one of those souls that knows exactly wha will make you tick. Come get lost in a sea of blue eyes and curves.


Kylie Spears

a petite little lady with a big heart, bright eyes and brown hair with blonde highlights, that are often in soft curls. the girl that you've seen at your favourite coffee shop and locked eyes with; the special girl that you always had a crush on in high school but were too shy; or that little lady that you see on your route to work every morning and always imagine what it would be like to be with her.. 


Lana Woodford

This well educated vixen who has traveled the world is new to the Indy scene but I'm sure you know her name already. Her ample bust is my favourite place to be and I'm sure there's room for the both of us. Let's laugh over a bottle of wine and explore her stunning curves together. 


Sienna Aldaine

This alluring, blue eyed siren is the perfect mix of sensuality, pain and pleasure. Witty, creative, and full of lust, Sienna is both wild and down to earth with an unforgettable energy. The rocker girl of your dreams with an old soul that leaves you wanting to know her more & more.

Have someone else in mind that isn't on my list?

Please contact me, I am always open to new playmates!

*Rates for duos do vary, please check the playmate of your choices rates or contact me directly for our duo rates.